Wood heating
for your professional buildings

Wood heating but also solution for eliminating bulky plant matter

Warm up for “almost nothing”
by eliminating your Pallets, scraps of wood, boxes, etc.


The ECOPOLY 2 cardboard wood generator is a compilation linked to user demand and essential safety and normative needs.

The wood-fired hot air generator is available in 2 models:

ECP50A.2: Power 50 kW, for volume up to 1200 m3
ECP100A.2: Power 100 kW, for volume up to 2500 m3

Ecopoly 2 is a registered trademark of AIRLAT, an adiabatic heating and cooling integrator.

Equip Auto 2023
Chauffage d'atelier au bois
Compacteur carton et papier


Ecopact cardboard and paper press

  • The essential ECOPOLY 2 equipment (available as an option)
  • Transforms your paper and cardboard into fuel bricks
  • 1 briquette produced = 2 to 3 hours of heating
  • Mobile and easy to handle thanks to the swivel castors
  • Compatible with the ECOPOLY 2 range

Ecopoly 2, the real choice

Energy efficiency of more than 85%, well above European standards

Foyer briqueté

Bricked Hearth

Post-combustion effect and heat restitution even when power is reduced.

Carénage ventilé

Ventilated fairing

Regulatory radiation temperatures. No protective cage needed

Echangeur de chaleur tubulaire


High performance tubular. Delta T 40/45°C. Protective grid to NF standards.

Ecran pareflamme

Flame arrestor

Catalytic screen. Protection of exchanger tubes from thermal overloads.

Made in France, following French standards

  • Ventilated exchanger fairing: No protective cage is necessary.
  • Large loading hatch
  • Floor grid over the entire surface in refractory stainless steel
  • High pressure centrifugal fan
  • Blowing, protection and regulatory flow balance grid
  • Frame covered with high temperature oven-baked epoxy paint
  • Combustion adjustment by slider on the drawer
  • Electrical cabinet (optional)
  • Catalytic flame arrester screen for smoke and exchanger protection
  • Overheating safety thermometer (option)
  • Side hatch on the left for positioning an autonomous burner

Ecopoly 2 exclusives

Coffret électrique Ecopoly

Electrical box

Motor protection with fuse, voltage presence indicator, supply air temperature thermostat 10/40°C

Thermomètre de sécurité surchauffe


Display and control of smoke temperature at maximum power of 270°C.

Tête de soufflage mutidirectionnelle

Blowing head

Multidirectional hot air blowing thanks to fins.

Caisson filtrant ventilateur

Filter box

Dusts the air taken up by the hot air distribution fan.

Ecopoly 2 installations

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