Industrie et artisanat

Industry and Crafts (Mechanics, Locksmithing, Steelwork)

A real solution for eliminating untreated bulky items, wood packaging, pallets, cardboard, etc. while providing heating by limiting skip storage and traction costs, therefore, exclusively reserved for plastic and derivatives.

Craftsmen, for their part, avoid unloading and reloading their vans, handling costs and landfill costs.

In all these cases, the investment in an ECOPOLY ECP50.2 is reimbursed within one year or two years by saving on removals and fossil energy costs for heating.

Entrepôt de stockage

Store and Warehouse

Equipped with numerous untreated pallets, untreated wooden sleepers and various packaging of untreated cardboard and plants, ECOPOLY 2 provides a heating point or heating of a work area in winter.

Entreprise de menuiserie

Carpentry and wood processing workshop

Thanks to non-marketable and non-reusable wood scraps (untreated), wood industry professionals find a heating alternative by eliminating their scraps.

It is also possible to heat yourself by eliminating untreated wood chips as soon as you have created a bed of active embers.

Garage automobile

Transport et Garage

Solution for destroying untreated pallets and other non-polluting combustible waste (paper, cardboard, etc.). Installing an ECOPOLY 2 generator can also be an ideal alternative and complementary heating for workshops. Pallets, boxes and other bulky non-polluting combustible plant materials.


Horticulturist, Market Gardener, Nurseryman and Breeder

The agricultural world is very concerned by the implementation of the ECOPOLY 2, both for the heating of small repair workshops and for the frost protection of potato and onion storage buildings, etc. It is also a solution for temperature maintenance and frost protection for greenhouse crops. In larger volumes, it is an alternative solution to existing installations using untreated plant waste such as reeds…

Séchage de bois

Drying wood, nuts and other shelled fruits

Sawmills and merchants of untreated wood have a real drying solution in buildings, or in cells and containers thanks to the ECOPOLY 2 concept delivered in a removable boiler room kit, regulation and recycling ventilation for volumes of 20,30 and 60m3 in using all non-marketable waste and scraps.

Producers of walnuts, almonds and prunes use ECOPOLY 2 with shells or stones to dry the fruit.

Salle de réception, chateau

Large volume room, associative, Farm Inn, Municipal Workshop

Ideal for heating large rooms with high volume, ECOPOLY 2 is a real hot air heating solution for a rapid rise in temperature of untreated wood, and briquettes with low investment and production costs.

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