Buches de bois

Untreated dry wood with less than 30% hygrometry

The optimum fuel for ECOPOLY 2 remains of course the combustion of noble wood with which its efficiency on PCI can reach 85%. The weight/power ratio is approximately 3.5 kW per kilo.

For user information, ECOPOLY 2 loaded with approximately 70 liters of wood (i.e. the value of a wheelbarrow) containing 80% noble wood and 20% softwood to activate combustion, offers a heating autonomy of approximately 4 hours.

briquettes de bois

Untreated wood briquettes

Excellent fuel in terms of ratio, weight/density/power. Its PCI st of 5 kW per kilo, i.e. a briquette of 1.8 kg = 9 kW

It is undoubtedly the most attractive fuel in terms of energy price with a cost per kW 30% lower than that of noble wood with identical autonomy.

Chute de bois

Untreated wood scraps from manufacturing

These are mainly companies in the wood sector (carpentry, cabinetmaking, carpenters, etc.). Scraps of various varieties are used without processing. The chips can also be used on a bed of active embers and post-combustion briquetting.

Ecorces de bois

Bark, untreated production scraps

Scrap cuttings, bark, and waste from wood preparation.

Burned, they are used by sawmills for heating buildings or drying freshly cut trees.

Coquilles de noix

Shells and cores

Excellent very high yield fuel used mainly by producers for drying walnuts or almonds.

They are also used as fuel for industry (crushed walnut shells, olive stones and residues from pressing)

Ceps de vigne

Vines, shoots, pruning offcuts, flax shives

All these bulky horticultural, agricultural and arboricultural waste are perfect fuels for ECOPOLY

Palette en bois

Pallets, boxes, battens, untreated

Main fuel for the main industrial and artisanal companies. A real heating solution by eliminating bulky items on site.

ECOPOLY is self-financing over the year through savings in parking and pulling skips or even handling and dumping costs for craftsmen.

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