ecopoly new generation

ECOPOLY 2 Original Wood burning heater for worshop




Plus de 1000 utilisateurs ECOPOLY 2

More than 1000 ECOPOLY 2 users


Wood and vegetable heating solution by elimination of bulky

Générateur au bois ECOPOLY 2

Heating hot air but also radiant

ECOPOLY 2 is a true hot air solution for workshops and large volume by eliminating waste on site while producing calories.

It is an alternative heating solution in industry and self financed craftsmanship by reducing the costs of skips, handling or disposal.

L'ECOPOLY, 3 axes :

  • Save energy
  • Protect the environment
  • Recycle scrap from wood processing


The ECP50.2 model, with a power of 100 kW, can heat volumes from about  2 000 m3 to 2 500 m3 for an isolated room or an aera of activity in a larger volume.


Caractéristiques techniques

Model Power Air flow
Fan Supply voltage
Engine power
Dimensions LxlxH Loading hatch
Dimension of fireplace
Chimney diameter
  kW m3/h   Volt kW mm mm mm Ø mm kg
ECP100.2 100 4000 Centrifugal 240 mono 0.55 2105x1005x1635 892x280 1150x700x650 200 440



Polycombustible hot air generator with wood, carboard, chips...
A true bulky elimination solution.
Very cheap heat by recycling your bulky.