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ECOPOLY 2 Original Wood burning heater for worshop




Plus de 1000 utilisateurs ECOPOLY 2

More than 1000 ECOPOLY 2 users


Catalytic principle

Plant combustion by pyrolysis and carbonization represents 33 % of solid and 67 % of gas.

It consists of 3 phases :

  • Evaporation of moisture up to 250°C
  • Auto combustion from 280°C
  • Catalysis at 800°C

Thanks to its fire resistant technology and catalytic concentration grid, ECOPOLY 2 allows to the 3 combustion phases by high temperature briquetting fireplace and 3 smoke retarders.

In addition, the suspended dust falls back into self combustion on the active embers vibratory shock on the exchanger tubes. The output of ECOPOLY 2 is thus 85 % very largely above European standards.

A protective and catalytic grid is positioned between the fireplace and the exchanger. Designed and manufactured in refractory stainless steel, it is heated to more than 800°C by combustion. This one plays a role of thermal protection against the overheating related to an overloading and of catalyzing the passage of the fumes resulting from the combustion. It ensures that the flames from the combustion of esens never reach the exchanger which could damage it. It also allows refractory bricks to develop more heat mass.

It meets the standards 98/37/CE, 722/23/CE and 89/336/CE.



The "More Technological"

Completely french manufacturing, ECOPOLY 2 is a compilation related to the demand of our customers users, essential safety and normative needs as well as our technical developments of which ECOPOLY 2 is the technological embryo of our new biomass generations.

> The ventilation turbine

The standardization of the high pressure electro fan unit across the range allowed the ECP50.2 to see the replacement of the low pressure helical fan integrated in the suction tubes with a turbo high pressure fan with flow distribution hopper on the tubes exchanger.

> Double fairing with ventilated exchanger

The great new technology ECOPOLY 2 is the double fairing with natural dynamic ventilation. This new protocol of hot air flow allows a gain of 10 to 20 % by natural depression. On the other hand, this technical advancement offers users a normative level of environnement security.

> Protective blowing grid

The adaptation of a blowing grid on the whole of the blowing surface at the outlet of the exchanger offers a better homogeneity of the pulsed air with a uniform delta T of nearly 50°C at the rated power of operation.

In addition, it secures the user of the high temperature of the heat exchanger.


> Loading door

At the general request of our users and future customers during event presentation, the dimensions of the door were enlarged on the 2 models thus offering an opening to load pieces of wood from cuts or production falls of larger sizes (0.80 for ECP50.2 and 1 M for ECP100.2). On the other hand, this new configuration allows pallet loading of 1x1.20 M cut in 4 for the 50 kW model and in 2 for the 100 kW model.

> Fume connection nozzle and dongle
  The diameter of the flue outlet nozzle has been changed. It has changed from diameter 150 to 153 mm, French standard. In addtion, it was also raised and 3 nipples were integrated therby serving as a stop to the flue gas pipe during the installation of the conduit. The draft modultation key has been integrated to regulate combustion with the addition of air.
> Supply of combustion air


On the ECOPOLY 2 model, holes were made on the drawer. A slider can obstruct the supply of combustion air on demande, thus balancing the reduction in power and combustion between the draft key and the air adjustement.

> High temperature coating

The traditional temperature coating has been replaced by a high temperature epoxy coating baked in the oven thus ensuring a perfect hold of this coating regardless of the temperature of use (in compliance with the nominal power of the device).


> Interchangeability right / left of the fan and sheating

In its new design, the ECOPOLY 2 is equipped with its first additional protocol. As a result, the centrifugal fan and the hopper positioned on an adapter piece are interchangeable on the right and on the left as well as the blower grid.

This centrifugal fan, like the helicoidal low pressure that it replaced, allows the connection of a ductwork network for air distribution, either in the room or in additional rooms (office, bathroom, shower room...)This network can be equipped with several blower grilles for a better distribution of the air in the whole volume.

> Electrical control box

This option kit includes :

  1. a specially designed electrical control box with electrical protection, summer / winter inverter, presence indicator and blower temperature control thermostat.
  2. A capillary probe support with blowing
  3. The electric connection cables
  4. A capillary protection tube for ECOPOLY versions produced before 2016 (manufacture with white helical fan)

This kit makes it possible to regulate the temperature of blow and thus to control the start of the cut of the ventilator according to the level of loading thus of power of the ECOPOLY.

> Screen pareflamme
A perforated AISI 430 stainless steel screen is integrated under the heat exchanger to prevent flames from combustion from licking th heat exchanger tubes at the bottom. This homogenization of the flame favors post combustion. This flameproof screen is all the more indispensable for the combustion of fast flaming woods (pallet, planks...)