ECOPOLY 2 wood-fired hot air generator

Wood and plant heating solution by eliminating bulky items

ECOPOLY 2 is a real Hot Air solution for workshops and large volumes by eliminating untreated wood and plant waste on site while producing calories.

It is an alternative complementary heating solution in industry and self-financed crafts by reducing the costs of skips, handling or landfill.

ECOPOLY 2, 3 axes:

  • Save energy
  • Protect the environment
  • Recycle offcuts from the processing of untreated wood

ECOPOLY 2 is a trademark of AIRLAT. Visit the website

ECP50.2: For volume up to 1200 m3 or work area

ECP100.2: For volume up to 2500 m3 or work area

The “Plus” Product

  • High pressure centrifugal fan (ducting possible)
  • Large loading door
  • Raised nozzle for integral adaptation of the duct
  • Insulating air supply grille
  • Double heat exchanger fairing with instant static hot air ventilation (thermal compliance)
  • Catalytic shield for the protection of the exchanger
  • Electrical box (option)
  • Overheating thermo control (option)
  • Efficiency of over 85% (well above European standards)
  • It meets 98/37 / CE, 72/23 / CE and 89/336 / CE standards.

Pull Key
Allows you to manage the heating power by operating the lever in open / close modulation

Floor Grid
In two parts, the floor grille is made of AISI 430 refractory stainless steel and occupies the entire surface above the drawer.

Centrifugal fan
High pressure, can be positioned to the right or to the left of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator.

Heat exchanger
High performance tubular. Delta T 40/45 ° C between suction and blowing. NF standard protection grid.

Briquetted Hearth
Post-combustion effect and heat release even when the power is reduced.

Flame screen
Protection of the exchanger tubes from thermal overloads.

Loading hatch
Dimensions 640x280mm for ECP50.2 and 892x280mm for ECP100.2.

Ash drawer
Front perforation and primary air regulation by strip.


Direct installation of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator


Installation of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator in a boiler room


Installation of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator with duct network

Wood heating but also an elimination solution

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