Direct installation of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator

ECOPOLY 2 complies with French standards. It can therefore be installed directly in a workshop, without a protective cage.

Indeed, thanks to the double ventilated fairing of the exchanger, the outside temperature does not exceed 60 ° C for a developed nominal power.

The loading door handle has high temperature insulation. The blowing grid protects the heat production of the front exchanger.

Installation of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator with duct network

The adapter piece installed in place of the blowing grille allows the installation of a duct network for additional air distribution to another room (office, shoxroom, store, home, etc.)

In the case of office or home heating, a filter box on the fan is available as an option.

For transporting hot air to another room (office, store, etc.), it is possible to install a duct network, fitted with connection elements (90 ° elbow, 45 ° elbow, tee, reduction , blowing grill …). We carry out air distribution studies on request

Installation of the ECOPOLY wood-fired generator in a boiler room

When you want to isolate the ECOPOLY 2 from the room to be heated, in particular in a boiler room, it is necessary to recover the mass heat produced by installing an additional fan as well as an external control cabinet for the management of the regulation. air, security and protection.

In this case, the air flow is doubled, ie 4000 m3 / h for the model ECP50.2, 50 kW and 8000 m3 / h for the model ECP100.2, 100 kW.

Installation for dryer

ECOPOLY 2 is installed outside the dryer or container in a closed room with the addition of an auxiliary fan on the wall of the dryer in return of fresh air + recycling.

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