The catalytic principle

Vegetable combustion by pyrolysis and carbonization represents 33% of solid and 67% of gas. It is composed in 3 phases:

  • Moisture evaporation up to 250 ° C
  • Self-combustion from 280 ° C
  • Catalysis at 800 ° C

Thanks to its technology with a refractory hearth and catalytic concentration grid, ECOPOLY 2 allows access to the 3 combustion phases through a high temperature briquette hearth and the 3 smoke retarders. In addition, the dust in suspension falls back in self-combustion on the active embers by vibratory shock on the exchanger tubes. The efficiency of ECOPOLY 2 is thus 85%, well above European standards.

A protective and catalytic grid is positioned between the hearth and the exchanger. Designed and manufactured in refractory stainless steel, it is brought to more than 800 ° C by combustion. This plays a role of thermal protection against overheating linked to overloading and of catalyzing the passage of fumes from combustion. It guarantees that the flames resulting from the combustion of the gasoline never reach the exchanger, which would risk damaging it. It also allows the refractory bricks to develop more mass heat.

It meets 98/37 / CE, 722/23 / CE and 89/336 / CE standards.

The “Most Technological””

Completely French manufacture, ECOPOLY 2 is a compilation linked to the demand of our user customers, essential safety and normative needs as well as our technical developments, of which ECOPOLY 2 is the technological embryo of our new biomass generations.

The centrifugal fan

High pressure, it allows the connection of a duct network or accessories on the ferrule
(option) opposite exchanger, Ø 400 mm for ECP 50.2 and 500 mm for ECP 100.2.

It can be positioned to the right or to the left of the ECOPOLY.
An adjustable thermostatic probe type AIRSTAT, placed in a box (option) controls the setting
on and off the fan up to 40 ° C

The overheating safety and pull key

Integrated, it makes it possible to manage the heating power by acting on the external lever in open / close modulation.

The overheating safety thermometer (option) is used to view and control the flue gas temperature at nominal power of 270 ° C (management of maximum load, protects against thermal overheating)

Electrical box and Thermostat

  • Fuse motor protection
  • Summer / Winter ventilation selector
  • Voltage presence indicator
  • Supply air temperature thermostat 10/40 ° C

All of these protection, control, regulation and visualization elements (available in option) are factory installed when ordering on ECP50.2 / ECP100.2.

Heat exchanger

High performance tubular, positioned along the entire length of the device, it guarantees a delta T
40 to 45 ° C of the air flow between suction and blowing.

As standard, ECOPOLY is equipped with a supply grille, optional, a starting part
allows the connection of a network of distribution ducts or accessories.

The brick fireplace

It is made of refractory brickwork mechanically assembled without a joint on a slide and
whose elements are interchangeable. This design allows the fireplace to maintain a very
high temperature thus creating a post-combustion effect and a return of heat even
when the power is reduced according to the Lorrain stove principle.

The floor grid made in 2 parts. is made of AISI 430 refractory stainless steel. It occupies the entire
the surface above the drawer thus guaranteeing perfect combustion of the essences.

The catalytic shield

Perforated shield in refractory stainless steel, protects the exchanger tubes from thermal overloads and catalyzes the fumes before passing through the exchanger

The loading hatch

Tilting and fully bricked, large dimensions, it allows loading of logs of 70 cm (ECP 50.2) and 1 m (ECP 100.2) as well as pallets cut in 4 for the ECP
50.2 or in 2 for the ECP 100.2.

The ash drawer

Integrated along the entire length of the device, it offers significant autonomy for recovery
Perforations and a regulation strip have been provided on the front for the air intake
primary combustion.

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